Bean Bedlam
Bean Bedlam

Bean Bedlam

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Bean Bedlam is a high powered summer annual that deer love! This protein packed blend contains a variety of soybeans, peas, lablab, and cowpeas that are highly attractive to big bucks and lactating does. 

--40-50LB 1 acre 43,560 sq ft/4,840 sq yd

--Planting Date: May - 60 degree+ soil temp. 

--Soil Type: Widely adapted, firm seed bed with pH of 5.2 or higher

--Planting Notes: 1/2'' planting depth. 

--Fertilizer Recommendation: 18-18-18

Contains: Conventional Soybeans, Forage Soybeans, Forage Peas, Cowpeas, Lablab

THIS IS NOT ROUND UP READY. You may use grass killers such as clethodim. 

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