Frost Seeding Clover (Quick Notes)

Frost Seeding by definition is spreading seed on frozen ground and allowing the freeze and thaw cycle in early spring to provide good seed to soil contact. This makes for an easy and attractive way to plant clover plots throughout the Midwest where the freeze and thaw cycle typically begins February 15-March 15. Here are a few notes pertaining to frost seeding.

*Frost seeding a current standing perennial clover plot is a great way to recharge your current plot! While many clover stands can last 3-5 years, frost seeding is a great way to add fresh, new growth to your current stand!

*Frost seeding into a fall annual plot is a great way to establish a spring plot! With most weeds suppressed from the late season forage, you will have the opportunity for very little weed competition in the spring. With proper maintenance, you can have a full plot through the fall!

*While frost seeding is a great way to get seed to soil contact, you shouldn't expect great results if you aren't seeding into an already prepared seed bed. If the area wasn't spraying with herbicide or fall planted, germination rates will be fairly low.

Frost seeding is an economical and effective way to improve or establish a great food plot! Here in northern Indiana, we will begin our frost seeding in early March!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!