Management Consulting

Contact us today about our Property Management Consulting Program. Our program includes Property Design, Layout, and Planning!


- 15+ years experience in property restoration specializing in wildlife habitat. 

- 15+ years in tree nursery experience including commercial and residential tree sales and seedling plantings.

- 35+ years experience in ruminant nutrition. Our food plot mixes, feed, and mineral have all been formulated and approved by research from our nutritionist.

- 35+ years experience in the field improving small acreage properties in high pressure hunting areas.

- Ability to obtain Grants to help pay for property restoration. 

Double Tine works in collaboration with Stanger Trees and S&L Environmental. Working together allows us to come up with a unique and customized plan for your specific needs. From entry/exit strategies, depth of cover, and food sources; we will cover all the bases to create the perfect habitat for your property.

Ask about Property Maintenance as well! Including Hinge Cutting, Spraying, Trail Maintenance, etc.