The Powerline Property

Notes & Suggestions from the Powerline Property


Red: Property Line; Orange: Entrance Route; Yellow: Current Logging Road; Purple: Suggested Trail Improvements; White: Defender Screen; Neon Green: Food Plot; Light Blue: Food Plot; Green (between plots): Fall Focused Plot


-If possible, get permission from the neighbor to access property on the north side of the old railroad bed.

-Improve deer travel corridor on the south end of the property (purple) with tree removal and hinge cutting. Create a new travel corridor to north plot (purple) from the current logging road. Improve logging road by planting Shade Mix around Labor Day weekend. If needed, hinge trees on the west side of the trail and drop them towards the food plot to create a wall/continued movement along the trail. 

-Add Defender Screen along the west edge of the food plots to improve stand access. Also clear out any brush between the tree line and defender to create quiet stand entry. Extend the Screen to seclude new elevated blind on the northeast side of the plots. 

-Southern Green Plot: 1.50-1.60 acres of standing beans. Fall overseed with brassica or oats/rye. Selective hunting scenarios only due to location. Focus on cold fronts based around the Rut and Late Season strategies. 

-Center Green Plot(s): .50 acres of available fall focused food. Could be split into 2 .25 acre plots. 

-Northern Blue Plot: 1.15-1.25 acres of Perennial Mix including clover, chicory, and alfalfa. 

-Create Mock Scrapes along the east edge of the plots and interior logging road. Also, include licking branches in plot locations when final improvements/plantings are made Labor Day weekend. 

-Other Potential Improvements:

*Plant Norway Spruce along the west property line to block off neighboring hunters view. May require removal of some current trees due to power line clearance.

*Addition of permanent water source on the North side. If permanent water is deemed unachievable, bury some water tanks in current low area. 

*Feathered Edge/Hinge the east edge of the food plots to create a barrier for specific food plot travel corridors. May be able to achieve this scenario with logging road improvement mentioned above along with the Shade Mix planting.