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Knock Out
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Knock Out

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Looking to add cover while providing a highly attractive food source? Knock out is what you’ve been waiting for! With tall growing Sunn Hemp & Sunflowers, you’ll provide plenty of cover for those late season hunts. Oats, Wheat, and Turnips are just a few of the forages packed into this mix! Give it a try this fall, you won’t be disappointed! 

— 40-50 1 acre 43,560 so ft/4,840 sq yd

—Planting Date: July 15-August 1.

—Soil Type: Widely adapted, firm seed bed with pH of 5.2 or higher

—Planting Notes: 1/2” planting depth. Summer timing is key. The earlier you plant, the more height you’ll get. Later planting date is ok, but will lack height. 

—Fertilizer Recommendation: 18-18-18

Contains: Sunflowers, Sunn Hemp, Soybeans, Peas, Winter Wheat, Oats, Cereal Rye, Triticale,  Radishes, Clover 

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