Pods & Blooms
Pods & Blooms
Pods & Blooms

Pods & Blooms

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Looking to provide a high protein and maximum tonnage for growing bucks and lactating does? Pods and Blooms is the ideal spring and summer annual food plot! This blend will is a protein packed food source as well as fawning cover and bedding for your herd. The Sunn Hemp and Sunflowers will provide a climbing structure for the beans and peas. Pods and Blooms can be planted alone or as a border between food plots to provide bedding and promote day time movement during the deer season. 

—50LB 1 acre 43,560 sq ft/4,840 sq yd

—Planting Date: May-June 30, Mid-Late July-August 15

—Soil Type: Widely adapted, firm seed bed with pH of 5.2 or higher

—Planting Notes: 1/2-3/4’’ planting depth. 65+ Degree soil temp. If planting in Mid-Late July, add some turnips and radishes for a fall food source.

--Contains: Forage Soybeans, Peas, Buckwheat, Sunflowers, Sunn Hemp

--Fertilizer Recommendation: 18-18-18