Powermax Deer Mineral  12lb
Powermax Deer Mineral  12lb
Powermax Deer Mineral  12lb

Powermax Deer Mineral 12lb

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Why Powermax?
  • Less salt than most popular minerals on the market
  • Ideal Calcium to Phosphorus ratio 
  • Improved doe lactation, meaning healthier fawns
  • Correct percentages of all minerals, meaning just enough salt for attractiveness and ideal ratios for easy digestion and less waste
High salt ratio minerals on the market today are great to attract deer in front of a camera but lack the ideal nutrients deer need for daily consumption. We compare these minerals in this way: A Candy Bar v A Nutrient Packed Mineral. A candy bar is highly attractive, but lacks daily nutritional needs for human consumption. A nutrient packed food that is attractive and packed full of our daily needs helps to keep us healthy, energetic, and fulfilled. You'll find deer will eat less of Powermax than other high salt minerals because it fulfills their bodies with the nutrients they need rather than ''candy'' that tastes good but leaves them void of optimal nutrition. Help your deer reach their full potential with Powermax!