Winter Bulb Mix
Winter Bulb Mix

Winter Bulb Mix

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Winter Bulb Mix is an annual blend of stock piled winter forage. This extreme cold tolerant mix will provide forage for those harsh winter months when other food sources become scarce. Providing above ground leafy forage along with tubers and bulbs below ground, your whitetail deer will a valuable food source through the fall and in to winter!

-6 lb 1 acre 43,560 sq ft/4,840 sq yd

-Planting Date: August 1-September 1

-Soil Type: Widely adapted, firm seed bed with pH of 5.2 or higher

-Planting Notes: 1/4'' planting depth

-Fertilizer Recommendation: 18-18-18

Contains: Radish, Appin Turnip, Purple Top Turnip