Cell Cam Strategy: Change The Way You Hunt

How do you scout your deer throughout the season? For about 300 days a year, we run multiple cameras on our properties. The majority of our cams are set up on easy access routes, not disturbing the woods when we enter to change out SD cards. When we close in on hunting season, we focus our cams near our stand locations for quick SD card checks. But are we really seeing everything on our property?

Why You Need a Cell Cam

While many hunters have heard about cell cams, many haven't tapped into their potential. Until 2019, we didn't utilize cell cams solely based on price. As stated, we run multiple cameras averaging $140-$170 per camera. Hunting properties under 25 acres in size, we set cams in easy access locations which may or may not be catching the best deer movement. Factor in a once a month 2 hour round trip, how much money are we really saving?

Cell cams change the game when it comes to "checking your cams.'' With everything sent directly to your phone or email, you don't have to make the drive to check your cameras. Pictures and battery life info is at the palm of your hand at any hour of the day. Come mid September, replace your batteries with long lasting lithium batteries and set your cams up deeper in the woods on travel corridors or buck bedding locations. Catch that buck slipping into his bed consecutive late mornings on camera and make your move!

Take Notes On Buck Strategies

Getting pictures of bucks on camera is just part of the equation. Take notes on the times he's coming in and out, wind direction, etc. Before making the attempt to sneak in on your target buck, ask yourself where hes coming from when you're entering the woods, where is he going in the evening to feed. You get 1 chance to connect on that buck before he figures out hes being hunted, so make sure you know everything about that deer before finalizing a strategy to close the deal. 

One Hunters Story

This brief story is what really sold us on cell cams:

A local hunter discussed his success story he had using cell cams during the November rut. On occasion he had been receiving cell cams pics of his target buck in day light in the morning. Digging deeper, he found that these mornings he was using this particular trail on a southwest wind. This buck was working a ridge line with a doe bedding area below and scent checking for does. With the stand set up in the perfect location to ambush this buck, he got the job done about an hour after sunrise. If it hadn't been for the cell cam pictures he had been receiving, it would've been easy to hunt this buck at the wrong time and potentially push him out of the area. The confidence of knowing that big buck is on your property is huge, knowing why he's there and what he's doing is a game changer!

We highly suggest giving cell cams a try! With some plans costing as little as $5 a month, you're saving yourself quite a bit of time and travel expenses. 

With many seasons opening within the next 30 days, we want to wish all of you the very best of luck this season! As always, STAY SAFE!