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Annual Plot Screening: Security Cover & Exit Strategy

Have you had a great looking plot go completely nocturnal by mid season? On many occasions, food plotters focus solely on providing a great food source but lack proper access to their stand locations. Other factors include security from roads, breaking up food plots to create continuous buck movement, and less stress on does when feeding in the plot. Here are a few examples of ways you can use screens on your property to increase security and deer movement. Entry/Exit Strategy Tree stand entry and exit strategy is a huge part of slipping into your stand undetected from whitetails in your food plots. It only takes a handful of mistakes for a mature whitetail to figure out your food source...

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Forage Profile: Winfred Brassica

Winfred Brassica: A Full Season Forage Winfred Brassica is one of the most versatile varieties of forage brassica a deer hunter can plant. Winfred is a cross between kale and turnips, without the bulb. This profile gives Winfred an early season attractant as well as late season cold tolerance. Withstanding temps down to 5-10 degrees, it provides a hearty late season forage during harsh conditions. It is highly palatable and digestible due to its high leaf to stem ratio. Winfred can grow as tall as 4' with large paddle leaves and can withstand heavy grazing pressure better than most brassicas. Planting Instructions Maturity: 70-90 days Dates: August in Northern States, September in the South Seed Rate: 8-10 lb per acre,...

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Annual Clover: The Underrated Food Source For Deer Nutrition

When hunters think of clovers, generally its the perennial variety. The benefits of white and red clovers are phenomenal. Add in chicory and you have a high powered food source for 9+ months a year. But what about annual clovers? You'll see on our seed tags, we use a lot of annual clovers in our fall mixes. These clovers are an incredible nurse crop for brassicas and other nitrogen loving forages. Corn, Sunflowers, and Brassica mine a high amount of nitrogen from the soil. Lets take a look at 3 annuals that have high benefits for your soil and have high nutritional value for wildlife! Frosty Berseem Frosty Berseem has provided amazing results in our test plots. With quality protein...

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